Example of Transactions

At KEYSTONE LEASING we take pride in our flexibility.  We lease all kinds of equipment to all kinds of businesses.  Here are a few examples.

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$12,000 nationally marketed computers for a local high-profile law practice.
Nothing special here, but we sure are pleased at how often we lease equipment from the major direct-sale computer manufacturers.   Our lessees know that we usually charge less than the manufacturers’ own leasing programs.
$239,500 TV production equipment for a major PBS affiliates.
The credit decision, of course, was a no-brainer. But the bidding for the best lease program was intense.  We not only won the bid, but we then allowed the lessee to alter the original terms to help their cash flow and suit the vendor’s delivery schedule.
$30,000 used boom-truck for a small sign painting business.
Our policy of not requiring financial statements up to $100,000 takes the pressure off in certain cash-intensive industries. Your good reputation goes a long way at Keystone.
Repeat business: computers and software for a major architect firm.
Their needs are for several seats of CAD at a time – and always on short notice! They like our low pricing – and need our fast response. “Just-in-time leasing?”  You bet!
$800,000 high-end post-production video editing equipment.
We worked closely (and quickly!) with this advertising industry entrepreneur and his accountant when the manufacturer’s leasing company decided not to finance – as the equipment was being delivered! Jobs were already scheduled. We saved the day.
$8,000 used forklift for a new delivery service/warehouser.
An exception to the “we hate start-ups” rule.  The proprietor had worked with his father in the industry for years.  Now he was inheriting some good accounts.
Computers for the parochial school of an urban area Archdiocese.
When we submitted our low bid for the first transaction, the school administrator thought it was a miracle. Nope; it was just a mitzvah. Talk about a win-win situation.

Equipment Leasing and financing for any type of  business, industrial, or medical equipment…fast, simple, and super-competitive!  We solve problems. We do deals!