Equipment Leasing and Financing

Fast, competitive equipment leasing and financing NY, NJ, nationally since 1983. Call us for answers. Leases and loans from $5,000 to $500,000 at very competitive effective rates. Structured transactions into the millions are completed with our funding partners around the country. We deal with established businesses (2 years plus) and our application procedure usually requires no financial statements or tax returns for equipment up to $100,000. Medical practices are encouraged to apply even as start-ups.

We service businesses and professional practices for financing equipment and leasing in NY, NJ and nationally. We use a plain-language contract that spells out everything of importance, and we are eager to answer your questions.

Please call us with any questions, particularly when an equipment vendor recommends his “preferred” financing company. We never pay kick-backs or finders’ fees to vendors who refer customers. Those who do are increasing the monthly amount that YOU pay in order to cover that additional cost.

Our pricing is very competitive, with none of the confusing terminology you may have been confused by in the past. What we say is in the contract — every time! Keystone uses the best banks and funding sources in the country, and our 30+ years in the industry gives you the benefit of knowing exactly what you are getting.

Purchase Options can be One Dollar Lease-to-Own which make these transactions the same as equipment loans. Or – with a lower monthly payment – a purchase option can be set to Ten Percent of the Original Cost or Fair Market Value. Terms range from one to five years. Of course, you will decide which is right for your business and it will be clearly spelled out in your contract.

Serving industry with competitive equipment leasing and financing since 1983, Keystone is both a growth partner for end-users and an aggressive, sales-oriented marketing partner for vendors of all types of equipment.

And this: Not presently acquiring equipment, but simply need a cash loan for your business. Visit our sister site, Kelso Working Capital.

We do deals!